October 2013 – Apple Daily

Our company was interviewed by Apple Daily of Hong Kong, one of the most viewed Hong Kong Newspaper.

Apple Daily interviewed KCF

Date: 18 October 2013

Financial News Section of Apple Daily

Briefly Translated as Below:

KCF’s USB lighters are one of the most popular products in the 2013 Electronic Fair. Peggy Lee, Senior Sales Executive of KCF, introduced that KCF’s USB lighters are stylishly designed with lithium battery installed inside the lighters that can be charged on basically any USB ports.

“Charging for 30 mins can lit up to 3 packets of cigarettes”, Lee said “It’s a green product – there is no butane so that USB lighters do not emit hazardous gases.” The retail price of a USB lighter is about HK$90-100 and average 30% increase of sales volume was achieved in last two years, according to KCF.

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